Crisis Response Team

The CRT is comprised of experienced Dog-Handler teams who have volunteered to respond to any crisis that occurs in the school or community whenever we are needed.  These crisis include: Fires, floods, deaths and any other crisis which impacts a school and/or community.

Each year we respond to deaths due to cancer, heart failure, suicide and murder at various schools including the crisis at Sparks Middle School.  During the Sparks Middle School crisis, on October 21, 2013, our teams provided therapy dog support for nearly 2 weeks.

Our teams were recognized by the Washoe County School Board at a board meeting.  The teams feel like they are providing much needed emotional support during difficult, emotional times with our dogs.  The team members find it rewarding that when a crisis occurs Paws 4 Love is able to provide additional assistance to our community.

“Dogs are man’s best friend and bring us unconditional love. There’s nothing better than a wagging tail and the comfort that a happy dog brings to us all. As a lifetime public servant in Nevada, I have had the benefit of seeing first-hand the incredible service that Paws4Love brings to our community. The volunteers and dogs of Paws4Love bring us emotional support, peace and comfort during the most trying of times.  Thank you Paws4Love for making us proud of the place we live and making Nevada a better place.”

Former Governor Brian Sandoval

Paws 4 Love visits the Regional Dispatch and Emergency Operations Center each month for stress relief.

Several Paws 4 Love teams were invited to visit Mayor Hillary Schieve after the death of her father.

“Dogs always find new ways to challenge and inspire us. They greet us with unwavering love on our toughest days. They make the simplest of moments sweeter. These warm fuzzy faces enrich our lives and bring irrepressible joy with every playful bark, wag of the tail, or nudge of a tennis ball. I can’t imagine life without Paws 4 Love being a vital part of healing here in Reno.”
Hillary Schieve
Reno Mayor

Paws 4 Love teams went to visit students and staff after the death of a teacher at Billinghurst Middle School.